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Work and Learn

Whether you are a student, a company or an educational instructor.

If you are a STUDENT

Welcome to eSTUcampus!

You have decided to carry out your work based learning period in Spain. Congratulations!

Your work placement period in Spanish companies is one of the best choices of your life.

eSTUcampus will help you find a company that best adapts to you and will go with you during your work based learning period.
Our aim is to enhance your learning experiences in your studies during your internship placement, to supervise your progress and to assist you with mentoring arrangements that support you engaged in placement.

eSTUcampus with your internship!


Welcome to eSTUcampus!

Congratulations for the job you carry out in your Educational Center, which has placed it among the best educational offers of Spain!

It offers excellent programs in its classrooms and, besides, it assists students throughout their work based learning period.

eSTUcampus helps you offer your students the company that best fits your study program and looks after them during their work placement period.
eSTUcampus with your internship!


Welcome to eSTUcampus!

Thank you for working for the internationalization of Education and of your Company.

Receiving students in order to gain access to the working world throughout your Company is a great decision for all.

eSTUcampus walks with you in such task, providing assistance in the selection of the profile of the students which will be part your team, supervising with an expert the learning period and working for a successful period of work placement that stimulates the quality of your Company.

eSTUcampus with your work placement opportunities for students!