Cursos de Formação para professores de línguas estrageiras. Formação na medida certa!

//Cursos de Formação para professores de línguas estrageiras. Formação na medida certa!
Cursos de Formação para professores de línguas estrageiras. Formação na medida certa!2019-06-03T20:43:19+01:00

Project Description

From eSTUcampus and in collaboration with Interacting, we offer you the design and development of tailor-made training programs that meet the needs of your group in terms of content and format.

The courses can be part of the Erasmus + Program and we also help you to request it. Remember that the deadline is February 2, 2019.

The courses are taught in English. Please, contact us for more information and help.

The Erasmus + program encourages and facilitates schools and institutions to co-design their training courses directly with providers.

When you have a group of 7 or more teachers, we can develop the course to suit your training needs, choosing the contents, the dates, and the place:

  • CLIL

  • Teamwork

  • Creativity

  • Business training

  • Self-esteem

  • Leadership

  • Drama
  • Confidence
  • Presentation
  • Classroom management
  • Games
  • Creative Technology

Courses can have different formats: on a weekly or monthly basis, on weekends, or in larger training blocks.

Erasmus + application deadline for the courses is the 2nd February 2019. We will help your school/institution go through the seven steps of course application!


The playing CLIL Games

A brand new course connecting with our biggest EU project so far, to develop a games based methodology for teaching in bilingual contexts.

At the end of the course, participants will have enhanced their knowledge of how CLIL works and how to use games to drive all parts of the learning process. They will develop resources and activities which will contribute to the development of the pupils’ thinking skills and their personal growth in line with the national curriculum.

Participants will learn how to apply games as resources to deepen and complement structured learning and to use games as the way of bringing linguistic and subject content learning together.

Every Class Your Stage

This course is designed by popular request from schools and local authorities to support drama teachers and guide non drama specialists on how to successfully introduce drama clubs and theatre productions into the fabric of the school year.

We combine the need teachers have for practical approaches to issues of organising theatre productions with training in theatre techniques and creative ideas. This course provides a model to devise an entertaining show that connects with both students, peers and their families.

In Every Class Your Stage, interpersonal and communicative competences are developed which are directly transferable into practical activities developing these same competencies with your students.
We provide useful materials to connect theatre games to develop students depth and familiarity with the characters they will play, and explore techniques to develop not only theatre skills but also invaluable lifelong learning skills such as initiative, cooperation, independence, reliability, commitment, respect, adaptability, flexibility, creativity, concentration, and self-confidence. We model and practice approaches and activities involved in every facet of running a drama club with a view to creating an end of year production with a view to transferring these skills from a training environment to your particular school environment.

Play to Learn

We develop the interpersonal and communicative competences of the participants.

We train in the use of available classroom technology.

We provide useful materials connecting games and curriculum.

We model and practice transfer from the training environment to the classroom.

Training during the course will be competence based and follow parallel strands of the interpersonal/social and the professional. Tasks will be set according to the agreed set of competences to be developed or acquired either individually or in teams. Training will be delivered through a variety of plenary sessions, seminars, and workshops. Tasks will be set on individual, pair and team levels with appropriate channels of live feedback and reports generated on MOODLE.

Stretching the Imagination

A course to enhance your knowledge of creative and imaginative processes. You will develop resources and learn to apply activities which will contribute to the development of pupils’ thinking skills, personal capabilities, and personal development in line with national strategies and curriculum.

The course will connect classroom practice with real life needs. Creative theories and strategies are explored and matched with practical activities. The training will be delivered through multimedia presentations, seminars, and workshops. Icebreakers and introductions, problem-solving, thinking inside and outside the box, challenging and changing behaviour, setting targets and rewards.